Tips for Managing Overwhelm

The words overwhelm and chaos are often used to describe most women’s motherhood journey.  Between working (70% of mothers work), managing household tasks, and child rearing, there is an underlying culture of overwhelm and anxiety that envelops most parents at an early stage.  

While I have yet to figure out the perfect formula, I’ve recently come across some really great resources that can help parents manage and RECLAIM peace, calm, and, dare I say it, balance in their lives.  

  1. If you are a listener – listen to “It’s a Real Mother” series from The Longest Shortest Time podcast.  It discusses work/life “balance” for moms, the culture and society most of us live in, and ways to open up the conversation to help level out that heavily tipped overwhelm scale.
  2. If you are a reader- read Overwhelmed: How to work, love and play when no one has the time by Brigid Schulte.  It’s a lengthy read, but well worth it.  It helps outline how our society has gotten to this place of overwhelm as a whole.  It also explores different cultures that are working to make it different (dare I say, right?).  It’s well worth the read, if not only to appease your concerns that you are the only mom that is feeling like you are drowning in the overwhelm.
  3. If you are a watcher – Last year I did a self-care challenge in my Facebook Group, Reality Tykes.  It was a six week series, in which I outlined ways to manage the overwhelm and make time to nourish your soul.  Watch the videos here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, and Week 6.

In this hectic time of year, I hope that you are able to enjoy each moment the season brings and escape some of the chaos and overwhelm that can overtake this joy.  

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