self care for new moms

Why do you need to practice self care as an expecting, new, (or even seasoned) mom?

Think of yourself as a pitcher: you give and give, draining your contents, eventually there will be nothing left to give. In order to best take care of your family, you need to make sure you are taken care of, too. It may be hard as an expecting mom to fathom the need to make time for yourself. You may even have a hard time exactly pinpointing what you do to feed your soul, it may be something that is so ingrained in your daily routine you don’t even notice it.

But, once you have the baby your routine may be thrown out the window. It’s easy to lose yourself and your old self care routines. It may take some experimenting to find what you need to feed your soul now that a new baby has arrived. You may have to amend your ideas of self care and how they look in your day, but making sure you are taken care of is important.

Here are some self care ideas for new (or seasoned) moms (when time and energy is limited):

Listen to a podcast – you can listen to it while you are tending to your baby, but maybe your mind can be occupied in someone else’s story for a few minutes.

Go for a walk – throw the baby in a wrap or stroller and enjoy the outdoors for a bit, even if it’s for 5 minutes, some fresh air will do everyone some good.

Call a friend – make a point to reach out to someone in your life that makes you feel good. Even if it’s a short texting conversation every day, staying connected with a loved one can do wonders.

Meditate/Yoga – there are some great yoga/meditation instructors on the East End.¬†Whether it’s a home visit or in a studio, some time focusing on yourself is well spent.

Mommy & Me Classes – in addition to these mommy & me classes on the East End, most of the libraries in our area offer them as well. Connecting with other moms and getting out of the house can help feed your mama soul.

Create an in-home date night with your partner – One night a week that you plan on making (or getting take out) dinner after the baby goes to bed and doing something with your partner. Even if it’s watching your favorite TV show together – make sure the phones are down, and you are both engaged in what you have decided to do together.

Remember to make a point to practice self care daily. Take 10 minutes (even if it’s broken up) to do what makes you smile and feel good.

Keep your pitcher full.

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