Week 5 of the Self Care Challenge is here!

Last week I asked you to look at relationships in your life that weren’t nurturing to you right now.  This week, I want to explore relationships in your life that ARE nurturing to you.  I want you to think about loved ones in your life that you both rely on and enjoy spending time with.

I’m a firm believer that doing good for others can make us feel pretty darn good about ourselves, too.

So, this week – I want you to carve out a little time for someone that you hold dear to you and do something above the ordinary for them.  What you do for them will be different from what you do for them when you don’t have a baby or littles needing your attention (remember, the days before kids…bet you felt you spent more time on these relationships than you do now).  Your loved ones understand that your time and energy is *almost* wholly consumed by little people in your lives, so don’t feel guilty about it.  But, doing something to show your appreciation towards someone else will make them feel good, and I bet you will feel energized about your relationship and feel more connected to them.

Some ideas are:

Text or call a dear friend or family member just to say hi.

Make a little extra time for your partner, maybe try to disconnect from your phone and carve out some extra time for them once the babe goes to sleep.

Maybe you meet someone for coffee or a walk, just to catch up.

So, now the challenge is:

Make one decision a day that energizes you.

Get outside the house when you can.

Put boundaries on relationships that aren’t nurturing to you right now.

Spend some time on a relationship that IS nurturing you.

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