Congratulations, you are expanding your family!

Despite having already journeyed through one (or more) postpartum period, you have some unique challenges ahead of you as a mother to more than one.

It sounds great in theory, but you may be wondering how you will be able to handle ANOTHER human in your already busy life.

How will you make time and space for this baby when your days and heart are already full?

How will the older sibling(s) take to a baby?

How will you manage to rest and recover while chasing a toddler?

Having a support network enveloping your family can help you  and your family truly thrive and enjoy your newest addition. 


Once you became a parent, you’ve learned what happens to the best-laid plans (they almost never go as planned).

You have an idea of what to expect with a newborn, breastfeeding, and postpartum, but maybe you feel like things have changed since you had your last baby?

Looking for tricks on how to keep a toddler occupied while taking care of a newborn?

Need someone to listen to you so you feel grounded and human in the early days?

Get reassurance that you are doing an amazing job, and exactly the mother that your children need.

You may be thinking: I’m going to need an extra set of hands around the house.

How are you going to: get the laundry done, make dinner, take care of a newborn, bathe the toddler, pay attention to yourself, pay attention to you partner, walk the dog….

Maybe you want to spend some quality time with your older children?

You could use having someone to do the dishes or run to the store?

Want some time that you can spend resting while the rest of the house (and children) are taken care of?

Getting that extra set of hands can ease the burden on yourself as you and your baby navigate the early days of learning each other.

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