Recognize your triumphs

Becoming a parent is a transition that *most* of us are completely underprepared for. We can spend time with new parents before we actually become parents ourselves, we can get advice/stories from new parents, read books, but nothing can ACTUALLY prepare you for what you are about to experience.

There is no “one” experience to draw from. We are each individuals (and our babies are all unique individuals, too!) there is no one book we can get the guide to child-rearing. No “one” resource that outlines the fool-proof way to protect your marriage, protect your sense of self, outline breastfeeding success, form quality sleep patterns, and/or how to “let go” of all your other responsibilities. Parenting is an evolution, with a constant learning curve. Once you have one thing “figured out” something else crops up.

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of all the changes happening as a new parent. Surviving each day is a completely allowable goal for the first weeks & months (heck, there are still days that this is my goal and I’ve been doing this parenting thing for 6 years).

If everyone is breathing, fed, and loved…that’s a good day.

We are surrounded by social media, where you can look around and see all the “perfect” moms. The Instagram filtered selfies, the Pinterest worthy outfits (for both baby and mom!), the fabulous Facebook feeds (she checked in at the grocery story, hair salon, AND target?! IN ONE DAY!) often overwhelm the rest of us who are just surviving today.

When you are going down the rabbit hole of “I did nothing today, look how awesome she is…” – I need you to stop. STOP, I said. STOP and recognize something freaking amazing you did this week. Did you do a load of laundry? Did you take a walk? Did you go to the grocery story? Did you show up at your well visit at your pediatrician within 15 minutes of your appointment time? Did you mail those thank you notes? Did you get out of your pajamas?

Take one day a week and make a point of recognizing you are amazing.

Raising humans is hard.

We are all struggling to figure it out.

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