Q & A with Arianna Taboada, Maternity Leave Consultant

If you are a working pregnant mom, the idea of maternity leave can be daunting.

How long should your leave be?

When should it start: a couple weeks before baby is due or work right up until you’re in labor?

How can you negotiate your leave?

I chatted with Arianna Taboada, a Maternity Leave Consultant, about what to think about when planning your maternity leave.  She recognizes that every situation is unique, but she has some tips to help ease both in and out of your maternity leave:

Start scaling back your workload a couple weeks before your due date.

Plan on being completely “off grid” for at least 6 weeks after birth.

Start transitioning back into your work slowly (going back 20% the first two weeks, 50% the next 2, etc.) after the agreed upon “off grid”

Other things that we chatted about were Arianna’s fantastic “Postpartum Eco-Map”.  This can help you map out where your support will be during your postpartum period.  You can grab that here.

Another great resource that Arianna recommends is the website, Mindful Return  

If you have any questions for Arianna or myself, feel free to reach out.

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