Congratulations, you’re a new mom!

Despite having this beautiful baby earth side now, you aren’t quite sure how to process your feelings with the transition.

The sleeplessness and drop in hormones are beginning to take their toll.

Your partner may have returned to work, you are alone with your newborn for hours during the day (or night).

The visitors have dropped off and now you are wondering how you will be getting to the grocery store to stock up with the diaper bag, leaking breasts, and newborn.

The postpartum period is a time where you should feel embraced, comforted by community, and supported as you discover your new role as a mother.

This mothering thing is way harder than you thought.  You are overwhelmed, feel like you’re alone, and have no idea what you are doing.

Need help soothing your fussy baby?

Can’t figure out to get “it all done” with a newborn in tow?

Wondering where you find time for YOU anymore?

Resenting your partner for going to work?

You are NOT alone, the feelings you are feeling are normal.

How are you supposed to know what to do if you’ve never done it before and no one has taught you?

Let me help you navigate this time through video and phone calls, and text.


Breastfeeding is “natural”, why isn’t it coming “naturally” to you?

Why is it so hard?

Overwhelmed by the amount of time you are spending nursing?

Wondering when to start pumping or introduce a bottle?

Wondering if your baby is getting enough?

You are doing the best for your baby, but breastfeeding succeeds when there is support.

Let me answer your questions and help you create a breastfeeding relationship that works for both you and your baby.

Feeling like you just need someone to come over and reassure you that you are doing a good job?

Help you figure out why your baby isn’t sleeping like everyone said he would?

Help you find time to take a shower?

Help you make a well-rounded meal?

Help you get that laundry done that you’ve been staring at for days?

Help you figure out how to get that baby wrap on so you can free up your hands?

In-home services are available in three hour sessions to help you overcome that overwhelm.  Feel grounded and nourished again.

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