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Holidays While Pregnant and Postpartum

The holidays can be stressful, add a pregnancy or new baby to the mix and it can be even more stressful than the “usual” holiday overwhelm.  Candice of Lyla’s Birth and I discussed some things on our Facebook Live: Ask the Doulas that may arise during the...

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Role of the Partner

Confession: When I gave birth and went through all my postpartum periods, I didn't have a birth OR postpartum doula.  I wasn't involved in the birth community, and hadn't yet discovered how important it was to have support as I birthed and parented my...

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Q & A with Arianna Taboada, Maternity Leave Consultant

If you are a working pregnant mom, the idea of maternity leave can be daunting. How long should your leave be? When should it start: a couple weeks before baby is due or work right up until you're in labor? How can you negotiate your leave? I chatted with Arianna...

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