becoming a mother is a beautiful, transformative experience.

each mother-baby duo navigates their own journey, unique for each.

it can be overwhelming navigating this period alone; from feeding to baby care & soothing techniques, and maternal body changes to identity shifts.

it doesn’t matter if this is your first baby, second, third, or fourth baby.  this group is for all moms navigating the first year of life.

join our six week virtual support group to gain support, insight, encouragement and love as you navigate.

what to expect:

an initial 1:1 call with me to discuss the group and your specific needs/concerns

a weekly one hour video group call with me, and four to five other moms navigating their own postpartum journeys

a weekly email before our call to gather information on topics you may want discussed

a weekly call synopsis – including any resources, websites, books, tips/tricks we talked about

another 1:1 call with me halfway through the program to answer any personal questions

text/email support throughout the six week session

full resource list at the conclusion of session: including, but not limited to, resources discussed during calls and emails/texts

topics we may cover:

birth stories

newborn care

postpartum body care

feeding support (both bottle & breast)

relationship shifts

self care

(topics will be discussed on an as needed basis based upon the current participants needs)

additionally, my services are available to participants based on availability.

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