Mama Story – Michele

In honor of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, this week I’m sharing Michele’s story of postpartum anxiety and depression.  Michele is a mom of two and had experienced depression and general anxiety before pregnancy and postpartum.  She was actively managing her symptoms through talk therapy, medication, and self-care.  Because she had experience with it, she tried the best that she could to set up her support for the postpartum experience; she encapsulated her placenta, continued her relationship with her talk therapist, continued taking her medication, and practiced self care.

Despite all her best efforts, she still experienced both postpartum depression and anxiety.  She discusses how it felt during this dark time, and how she climbed out.  In addition to everything she was already doing to manage her symptoms, Michele says just admitting it to her support network (husband, close friends, etc.) and getting out of the house (Mom groups, walks, etc.) were helpful during this period.


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