Getting to know Melissa Mayer of Breast is Best

Meet Melissa Mayer, owner of Breast is Best and licensed Physical Therapist. When Melissa isn’t supporting new moms, you can find her meditating, practicing yoga, bike riding, paddle boarding, or enjoying our local beaches with her supportive husband and beautiful children.

After breastfeeding her children for a combined 3 years, she felt drawn to helping new moms navigate their own breastfeeding relationship. She loves providing the means for many moms to have a successful breastfeeding relationship. She provides hospital grade pump rentals and products to the East End.

Why would you need a hospital grade pump?

Hospital grade pumps are a great way for moms to continue breastfeeding if their baby isn’t able to nurse. They are often more effective at extracting breast milk than commercial electric pumps. Whether you are separated from your baby due to work, an illness, travel, or are exclusively pumping for other reasons – exploring the rental of a hospital grade pump can maintain (or improve) your milk supply. And, as any season breastfeeding mother will tell you – your supply is golden. Maintaining your supply is important to reach your breastfeeding goals.

How can I rent one?

By contacting Melissa. You and she can decide whether to rent weekly or monthly depending on your goals and situation.

What else can I do to maintain my supply?

The best way to maintain your supply is to extract milk often. The more times your breast is emptied, the more milk your body will produce. So, if you are with your baby – nurse your baby often. If you are separated from your baby, you need to pump as often as you would feed your baby. An effective pumping technique is the best way to maintain your supply. Some women prefer hand expression, others have great success with hand pumps or commercial electric pumps, and others prefer hospital grade pumps. In addition, using the hands-on-pumping method can increase the effectiveness of your pumping sessions.

So, if you are struggling to maintain or establish your supply, contact Melissa to see if a hospital grade breast pump is a good fit for you.

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