getting to know me, Kate Turza Postpartum Doula

I’m Kate, mama to 3, wife to 1, animal mama to 3 (a dog, and 2 cats), avid double jogging stroller pusher, and postpartum doula.

Becoming a postpartum doula wasn’t something I ever considered pursuing until after the birth of my third child. In fact, I never even know that a postpartum doula existed. I only knew about birth doulas (and, I didn’t know much about them, either). I was your typical (read: undereducated in birthing and early parenthood choices), go with the flow kind of mama.

What I did always know growing up was that I liked helping people, I liked caring for people in their times of need. I felt fulfilled when I could support someone who needed it. I always thought I would go into the healthcare profession. So, I went off to college and graduated with a BS in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology (yea, I’m a dork).

But, after graduation decided to move back home and help out family that truly needed it. I got married 4 years after graduating, had kid 1 a year and a half after we were married, kid 2 was 19 months later, and kid 3 was 29 months after kid 2. Needless to say, I was busy and didn’t have much space in my head for career changes. You can read more of my birth stories and postpartum journey here.

When my best friend was pregnant and had her first baby (2 months after kid 3), I learned that I loved helping her. I loved encouraging her (something I felt I had missed out on in my postpartum experiences), I loved giving her advice (at the time, was my personal trials and triumphs), and she told me that there was this thing….

A postpartum doula.

Instantly, I knew I wanted to be one. I began my training through CAPPA, and embarked on my journey.

My goal is to support new families in an important (and under recognized) time in their lives. I support them and remind them that they are doing a great job. I am there to build confidence in making their own decisions for their families. There are no judgments, only encouragement.

The only people who know what your baby truly needs are you, the parents. I just give you love and encouragement along the way.

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