Finding your mama tribe

There’s a running theme amongst most of my posts…support is an important part of handling the “trenches” of babyhood. Finding like minded mamas to commiserate with can help talk you off the edge of your sleep-deprived, cracked nippled, dirty diaper overload. “Mom friends” are a real thing, and can be some of the greatest relationships you have. I have some friends that I talked to every day in the beginning of my motherhood journey. I am eternally grateful for them, and their contribution to my sanity.

Finding your tribe can be challenging. Some women have support built into their lives: sisters, cousins, close friends that are going through (or have recently gone through) similar stages. Other women are not as fortunate.

So, where can you seek out support?

There are lots of places you can find mamas all looking to interact with another adult. My first suggestion would be to look into local mom support groups, like this one or this local Facebook group I started. Places where you can find these are: the hospital/birth center you delivered at, your doula, your ob/midwife practice, or local churches. If you are breastfeeding, you can look into where the closest La Leche League meeting is.

Another great places to explore is the local library. Often, there are mommy and me groups that meet here on a regular schedule.

Now- I know there are days that getting out of the house is just too much to handle, but you need to talk to SOMEONE to stay sane. Where do you turn then?

We live in a day and age that truly connecting with people can be done in our milk-stained pajamas from our bed. Facebook can connect you with friends that are going through similar stages. Facebook groups are another great way to connect with moms. Often, you can find local mom groups just by searching for your town/county, etc. I’ve found that closed facebook groups tend to be the most beneficial, the safety of having other moms that truly want to help and connect (and not sell you anything) is helpful.

Another great way to interact is Instagram. There are great campaigns for new moms to follow & connect. #newmom #latenightfeed

And, remember, even if you are a hot mess that day: own it, be honest. Most other moms will be able to connect with you, even if they aren’t living exactly the struggles you are that day. We’ve all been there. And, without supportive community & relationships, is there any point to all of this?

Ain’t No Hood like Motherhood. #momtribe

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