breastfeeding – setting up for success

Choosing how you will feed your baby is a very personal decision that only the mother can make. The factors into her decision are unique to her and her family. I think we can all agree: a loved and fed baby is best.

Lots of moms are trying their hand at breastfeeding. We’ve all read the articles: research has proven that breastfeeding is the best thing for you and your baby.

But, breastfeeding can be challenging. And, even with the best of preparation; you can still have obstacles. BUT, with the proper support and resources you can (most likely) overcome these and have a successful breastfeeding relationship. (You can read more of my personal story with breastfeeding.)

The best way to prepare for your upcoming breastfeeding journey is to educate yourself.

Now, I know all you pregnant ladies are looking for ways to occupy your mind during those sleepless nights. Well, I’ve answered your prayers… read these books:

Breastfeeding Made Simple: 7 Natural Laws of Breastfeeding

Womanly Art of Breastfeeding: La Leche League

It may be hard to digest all the information in the books, but they are a great guide on what to expect (and common problems that may arise). If you do have challenges, you will be able to pop back to the books and refresh your memory on how best to tackle them.

I also recommend watching this video: Natural Breastfeeding. It explains the “laid back” position, which is ideal for the best latch during the beginning weeks of postpartum. It’s a 40 minutes long, but well worth it.

There are lots of websites out there for expecting and new moms. KellyMom is an amazing resource, full of positive and supportive breastfeeding advice.

I also recommend knowing where the local La Leche League meets. It’s great to know where you can find other moms navigating the breastfeeding journey.

Lastly, I highly recommend researching the breastfeeding support professionals in your area (find some here on the East End of Long Island). Know the closest IBCLC, lactation consultants & doulas, and breastfeeding friendly pediatricians. If a problem arises, turn to any of these professionals for advice/recommendations.

Remember, there is no failure in motherhood.

Love your baby. Love yourself.

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