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As you begin to tell people you are pregnant, people start asking you what they can buy you. You will receive random clothes (which may or may not be something you will ever actually put your child in), pieces of advice, and offers of hand me down baby gear.

I’m a firm believer that all of these come from a good place. People are so excited for you, and they want to show you how much they care. Most people’s default is giving gifts as a sign of their love. This is not a bad thing, but it can be extremely overwhelming.

Enter the baby registry. One place where you can register for everything you could possibly want or need for you and your baby. People can buy you things you actually want! Sounds great, right?

For most moms, it’s the beginning of a sense of overwhelm: do I really need all this stuff? how expensive will it truly cost to have a baby (let along a growing child!)? how do I choose what to buy, I don’t have any experience with this!?

Here are some suggestions to lighten the baby registry overwhelm:

Talk to some moms that have recently had a baby (in the past year) and ask them for 5 items they couldn’t have lived without. Find out their reasons for suggesting them.

Gently ask for more useful things, rather than stuff:

Take out gift cards

Homemade meals (Check out Meal Train – it’s a calendar and app that people can use to sign up to bring you food)

Time helping mom postpartum (set up times over the first couple weeks for people to come and hold the baby so mom can have some time to herself.)

Doula services/Newborn photography sessions/Childbirth education classes (things the parents would like to spend money on, but may have a hard time swinging it)

I heard about a new registry: Baby List. It allows you to put anything from ANYWHERE on your registry (including doula services, things from Etsy, newborn photography, etc.).

It also has a handy “quiz” that can help you narrow down your needs/wants.

So, instead of having an all inclusive list of everything under the sun, you have a list catered more towards what your lifestyle is: live in an apartment with no storage? plan on breastfeeding exclusively? not finding out the gender? Baby List will create a suggested list based on your needs. It’s genius!

Don’t let the baby registry overwhelm you. What your baby will ultimately need is love and nurture, not this season’s must have baby item.

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