Role of the Partner

Confession: When I gave birth and went through all my postpartum periods, I didn’t have a birth OR postpartum doula.  I wasn’t involved in the birth community, and hadn’t yet discovered how important it was to have support as I birthed and parented my children.  I also was apprehensive at letting someone into this sacred time with me and my husband.  My husband and I tend to be fairly private people, and we hadn’t warmed up to the idea of having ANYONE, let alone someone that was a perfect stranger into our birthing and postpartum space.

Boy, I wish I hadn’t been so oblivious to the truth: Doulas support BOTH the partner and the birthing woman, they enhance your ability to advocate for what you want and give you and your partner strength.

Candice and I did a recent “Ask the Doulas” on my Facebook page addressing the role of the partner during birth and postpartum.  In case you missed it, here it is:

Some of my pointers for the postpartum period are:
1. Make sure you and your partner complete my Postpartum Support Workbook together.  This can help you both know where to turn for support as you are navigating the postpartum.
2. Keep communication open. No one is a mind-reader, approach one another with kindness and honesty.
3. Give yourself and your partner grace.  This is a bonding experience, something you and he/she will share only with one another.
4. A doula only enhances your partner’s role, doesn’t replace it.

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